Bottled water has negative side

Bottled water have a negative side - That's what the producers and marketers want you to believe. Marketers tirelessly bombards us with images of beautiful mountain spring water that flows, pure, tip of the iceberg, the artist who drank bottled water while cycling.

Bottled water, so do not let you believe all that. Bottled water is big business, with worldwide sales are projected to be between $ 50 and $ 100 billion per year. But is bottled really purer than regular filtered tap water in your home? Given that many famous brands is actually just tap water filter, it is considered that bottled water is more pure than tap water even from natural springs.

The truth is that bottled water is usually expensive, sometimes unhealthy, and always damaging to the environment.

Bottled water has negative side

This article does not invite you to busy to leave ALL bottled water, bottled water because there are also really healthy. This article aims to provide awareness so that we can be more prudent in making decisions related to our health and family.

Plastic Chemical

Bottled water is made of plastic chemical. Most bottled water in a small package made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which can release harmful chemicals and plastics confounding hormones into the water container. Bottled water in containers larger nor better. In 2000, Consumer Reports found that 8 out of 10 gallons of what they test leave harmful endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) in water container. BPA has been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes and reproductive disorders.

Worse yet, the release of materials into the water plasitik packaging will further increase with age and exposure to heat packs.

Dangerous Bacteria

Bottled water contains harmful bacteria. You are at risk of taking a bacterial colony with a regular drink some bottled water. When the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) tested more than 1000 bottles of water, including 103 brands of bottled water, the organization found that one third of existing brands containing arsenic, bacteria and organic synthetic exceed the allowable limit.

NRDC and testing is not alone. C-crest Laboratories of Canada, a pharmaceutical testing company in Montreal, found that 70% of a dozen brands of bottled water tested had high levels of heterotrophic bacteria, which are pathogenic and cause infectious diseases such as E. coli. United States Pharmacopoeia say, heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water should not exceed 500 colony units (CFUs) per milliliter, but the highest level of the sample is recorded is 80,000 CFUs per milliliter!

Poor Quality

Bottled water also has a bad quality. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict guidelines for tap water but does not oversee bottled water. In contrast, bottled water regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA = BPOM his American), which has weaker regulations and EPA rules only apply selectively to bottled water. Also, the FDA only checks if the bottled water across state lines, and about 70% of bottled water never national boundaries, thus exempt from FDA oversight.

The truth is, bottled water taste and quality can range from very good to very bad depending on the brand, and it is a serious problem for the industry. Unfortunately, like a cat in a sack, you never know what you will get.
Distribution of Poor
Bottled water also has a poor distribution. Many gallons of bottled water is transported on a truck or car pick-ups are open, where a gallon of water is exposed to hot sun during the trip distribution. This makes plastic compounds apart and mixed into the water and create chemicals that can harm your health.
Too much

Prices are more expensive bottled water. Price of bottled water can be 500-3000 times more expensive than tap water. Because many manufacturers of bottled water most of the water is just filtered tap water, it makes much more sense to just buy a water purification equipment and purifying your own water at home. Having your own water purifier will provide clean water that tastes the same premises but at a cost of bottled water is much lower.
Not Environmentally Friendly

Bottled water is also not environmentally friendly. Our dependence to drink bottled water contributes greatly to global pollution. Beyond good intentions recycling campaign, 85% from PET bottles continue to be discarded, fall around us as garbage, or some downs in the sea and threaten marine life. In 2006 the production of bottled water is used the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil, releasing more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.

That's about the bottled water that has a negative side, thank the readers who've read!

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What is zeolite

What is zeolite? Did you know? Here I will tell you about the scientific facts about what it is zeolite. You'll know the meaning of the zeolite and you will know also what is the use of zeolite and also I mentioned disadvantages. Please read below.

Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as an absorbent micropore commercial. The term zeolite was originally granted in 1754 by Swedish mineralogist, Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed that when the material stilbite is heated, it produces large amounts of water vapor that has been absorbed by the material. Based on this, he called the material zeolite, from the Greek meaning Zeo boil and Lithos, which means stone.

Already there are 194 zeolite framework has been found, and about 40 between the zeolite framework is found in nature.

Zeolites are used as a water purifier


Zeolites are used as a water purifier in the world industry, catalysts and nuclear reprocessing. Utilization primarily as a laundry detergent product. They are also used in medicine and agriculture.

Natural zeolites

Zeolites have a porous structure that can accommodate a large number of cations, Na +, K +, Ca2 +, Mg2 + and others. Positive ions are tenuous and can be easily replaced in the contact solution. Some of the common mineral zeolites are analcime, chabazite, clinoptilolite, heulandite, natrolite, phillipsite, and stilbite. Examples of zeolite mineral chemical formula is: Na2Al2Si3O10.2H2O, the formula for natrolite.

Natural zeolites are formed when volcanic rock and ash layers react with ground water containing alkaline. Zeolites also crystallized in post-sediment environments in long periods of thousands to millions of years in shallow marine basins. Zeolites are found in nature is rarely pure and are contaminated with various types of minerals, metals, quartz and other types of zeolites. For this reason, zeolites are obtained naturally expelled from many commercial applications where uniformity and purity are needed.

Production of natural zeolite

Today, the world's annual production of natural zeolite is about 4 million tons. 2.6 million tons of which are marketed to China for use in the concrete industry. Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia and Asia are the main leaders of the world's supply of natural zeolites. Only 57.400 metric tons of zeolite (only 1% of world production) are able to produce North America, and only just recently realized the potential of the North American market from the zeolite.

Benefit zeolites

Synthetic zeolites are used as catalysts of petrochemical industry, for instance in fluid catalytic solution and water solution. Zeolite molecules break down in small sizes, which causes changes in the structure and reactivity. Hydrogen forms of zeolites (supplied by ion exchange) is a strong solid acid and can be catalytic acid reaction container, such as isomerization, alkylation and solutions. Modality specific activation most zeolite catalysts used in petrochemical applications involves the reaction of Lewis acid sites of Quantum-chemical.

Molecular structure of micropore zeolite ZSM-5 type

Zeolites can also be used as solar thermal collectors and for adsorption refrigerator. In this application, the high heat of adsorption and ability to hydrate and dehidration exploited while maintaining the stability of the structure. Hygroscopic properties coupled with the exothermic reaction (heat producing) inherent when transitioning from a dehydrated form of hydration makes natural zeolites useful in taking waste heat and solar thermal energy.

Thomsonit zeolite is a mineral that is used for jewelry. Thomsonit nodules have concentric rings with a combination of black, white, orange, pink, red and green shaded lot. Some nodules have copper contamination and the rarest is thomsonit who have "eyes" of copper. When polished lapidary, thomsonit sometimes show chatoyansi.

Zeolites can be used as a molecular sieve in a vacuum pumping cryosorpsi style.

Both synthetic and natural zeolites have been used in animal nutrition, especially to improve performance and based on the physicochemical properties essentially, they are also tested and found to be useful in preventing the toxicity of ammonia and heavy metals as well as the intake of radioactive elements decay and metabolic framework.

Zeolites are an effective ammonia filter, but should be used with caution, especially with tropical coral reefs are sensitive to water chemistry and temperature.

So you have them know about what is zeolite, thanks for reading!

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Water purifier friendly environment

Water purifier friendly environment. Estimates that more than one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and millions of people around the world die each year as a result of waterborne diseases. In addition, the increase in pollution levels in the water makes most people choose to consume bottled water, which cause plastic waste. Industrial designers have tried to solve this problem with an ingenious water purification system, easy to use and also helps in reducing plastic waste

Here is a list of 12 water purification systems as they are designed to help the environment and society:

H2Go Water Purifier

Water purifier friendly environment with H2Go water purifier. Designed by Design Kiba, water purifier can be an advantage for developed and developing countries. Donut-shaped water purifier bottle this fun interesting people to bring a water bottle instead of buying bottled water. purifier filters using active carbon filter and membrane filter micro silver. After the water will pass through the filter disc jagged, and leaving clean water and drinking

Water purifier with aquarius

Water purifier with aquarius friendly environment. Aquarius is a non-electric water purification by industrial designer Talia Radford. This purifier works by modulating the frequency of sunlight to UVC, which then purifies the water. The device brings a series of lenses to perform the task and the water passes through the bottom of this lens and each molecule is exposed to the lens from ultraviolet light, which kills all bacteria that may be present in water. Aqualris water purifier can purify water and remove 300ml of mechanical filtration system

H2O Water Cycle

Water purifier friendly environment with the H2O water cycle. H2O water cycle is the brainchild of designer Diego Andres Martinez, which has been designed to remove contaminants from water, using two processes in one package. The first process, called solar water disinfection, is the process of solar energy, the use of UV-A rays to remove pathogens. In the second process, the water boiled to produce steam. During evaporation, all solid contaminants will be lost and the condensed steam generating drinking water. Finally, an active carbon filter which removes all odors are present in contaminated water

Slingshot Water Purifier

Water purifier friendly environment with the Slingshot water purifier. Dean Kamen using alternative power and Stirling engine based power generator that works with the use of cow dung. Water purifiers for $ 1,500 it will produce 1000 liters of water per day, while the $ 3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, enough to provide light to a small village. Most of the villages in third world countries still need electricity and clean drinking water, this gadget is very practical to use

Water purifier with solaqua

Water purifier with solaqua friendly environment. Solaqua which by Jason Lam is a solar powered water purifier that can produce up to 10 liters of safe drinking water. Using ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun to eliminate pathogens present in contaminated water. Water was initially passed through a sari cloth to improve the efficiency of solar water disinfection. Then the five channels to fill the five bottles of specially designed to obtain 10 liters of water. The five vials are then spread on the ground to allow for maximum sunlight exposure. The surface of the bottle is colored black to absorb more heat, while in the bottle is reflective to reflect UV light in a bottle

Water purifier with aqueduct

Water purifier with aqueduct friendly environment. Aqueduct allows to distribute water in a large enough scale and simultaneously allows you to purify with pedal power. This bike won top honors Innovate or Die contest in 2008. Created by IDEO, is really a boon for those who have not been able to quench their thirst with the water clean and pollution free

Water purifier with watercone

Water purifier with watercone friendly environment. Users can pour up to 1.7 liters of dirty water in a pot of black and covered with a transparent cone. Put the device in direct sunlight that heats water and turns it into steam. As water evaporates, leaving dirt in the pot and clean water to condense on the surface of the cone. After several hours of cones can be emptied into a water bottle or glass

Water purifier with Aquaovo Ovopur

Water purifier with a friendly environment aquaovo ovopur. Aquaovo ovopur is a water purifier that uses environmentally friendly methods of ancient sedimentation in the process. Made of porcelain, glass and metal and more like miniature round, potbellied human form of purifying water. Its uniqueness lies in its use of highly innovative with gravity to filter out harmful bacteria and toxins that uses electricity instead of conventional water purifiers

Water purifier with ster uv

Water purifier with ster uv friendly environment. By industrial designer Olivia Blechschmidt is designed to work fast, simple, compact and intuitive water purification to ensure a clean and healthy kitchen environment. This design has a thin and lightweight UV light moving along with an induction charger. This mixture can purify water directly in the glass or pitcher and does not require battery replacement

Water purifier with rewave

Water purifier with rewave friendly environment. Rewave is portable desalinating water devices that use wave energy to provide drinking water. Designed by Yu-Hong Chen, the device will help you convert sea water into drinking water, making it ideal for use in coastal areas. The device floats on water and harness energy from waves. There is a hole in the bottom and allow seawater to pass through the motor area. Once this process is complete, fresh water accumulates at the top and exit through the pipe

Water purifier with zuvo

Water purifier with zuvo friendly environment. Zuvo using a five-step cleaning process that is patented and includes ozonation, UV exposure, the photo-oxidation, activated carbon filtration with allowance for post-treatment of lead and UV filtration. The end result of this whole process is a viable clean water to drink bottled water

Water purifier with LifeStraw

Water purifier with LifeStraw friendly environment. With a length of 25 cm, diameter 29 mm, plastic pipe at a cost of about $ 2 and aims to provide drinking water for millions of people perish every year because they do not have clean water to drink. This device has a lifetime of about 700 liters of water (approximately one year of water consumption for one person) and effectively removes most of the microorganisms that cause diseases transmitted through water.

That's all kinds of water purifiers. Please select one of the water purifier friendly environment.

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Fluoride in water

Fluoride in water. There are a number of research studies show that many of the recognized benefits of fluoride in dental health more than they imagined than real. But my main concern, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake.

Effects of fluoride on health


But this body work is not considered by the York when they send a change of research on health effects of fluoride in the water for research on the effects of fluoride on health. It is clear that it was not considered by the BMA (British Medical Association), British Dental Association (BDA), BFS (British Society fluoridation), and FPHM (Faculty for Public Health and Medicine) / (School of Public Health and Medicine) since they all insists, such as briefings to lawmakers in the newspaper about fluoridation (affixing of fluoride in drinking water) are safe and not harmful to health.

Fluoride in water

Fluoride in water. This is a public disgrace, I will now examine the damage review of fluoridation, with special reference to thyroid disease (thyroid).

It has been known since the end of the 19th century that some people, particularly in Argentina, India and Turkey are suffering from chronic diseases (remains unchanged), with premature aging, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility, and are responsible for high levels fluoride in natural water. Not only is it clear that the fluoride was having a general effect on public health, but in the early 1920s Goldenberg, working in Argentina showed that fluoride was replaced iodine; so that damage to the compound also gives the community hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiency symptoms) of iodine deficiency ( nonmetallic chemical element, shaped crystals, used for medicine in photography).

Fluoride very damaging to thyroid gland

Fluoride in water can damage the thyroid gland. This is the basis of research in the month of May 1930 by Litzka and Gorlitzer von Mundy, who is used to treat thyroid disease with fluoride preparations are too active. Their patients either drank fluoridated water, swallowed drugs fluoride or washed with water containing fluoride, and as a result of thyroid function for those very sad. In 1937 the use of fluorotyrosine for this purpose showed how effective this treatment, but effectiveness is difficult to predict and many patients suffered total thyroid loss. So given a new role and got a new name, Pardinon. It was marketed not for over-active thyroid disease but as a pesticide. (Note the IG Farben factory fluorotyrosine is also made filter gas, a gas used in World War II).

Pieces of history illustrates the fact that fluoride is dangerous in general and in particular highly damaging the thyroid gland, an item that will be generated. While it is unlikely that it will argue that fluoride is toxic. Let us always remind you that the poison list into two, the level of toxicity caused disputes the amount given in this context is the extent of damage caused by a given concentration in water supplies. While acknowledging the toxicity, proponents rely on the fact that it was dissolved and, therefore, might not otherwise have deleterious effects.

Fluoride: They Cannot Be More Wrong

To me it seems we should be aware that fluorides do damage. It is toxic enzymes. Enzymes are complex protein compounds that further speed up biological chemical reactions while they themselves remain unchanged. As we speak, will happen to us all a lot of reactions (activities) are likely to sustain life and maintain it to produce energy. Chain amino acid formula that forms a protein complex are linked by simple compounds called amides, and that this is the case with fluorine molecules react, splitting and change them, thus damaging the enzymes and their activities. Let say at once, this effect can occur at extraordinary low concentrations, even lower than one part per million which is the dilution proposed for fluoridation in our water supply.

Fluoride: Only Half a Body Can Reduce

In addition, fluorine (organic or an organic substance) are cumulative (added) and build continuously with the consumption of fluoride from all sources, which includes not only water but the air we breathe and the food we eat. The use of fluoride toothpaste in dental hygiene and tooth coating is a further source of substantial levels (large) fluoride intake. The body can only reduce half the amount of income, which means that the older you are the more fluoride will accumulate in your body. This means no allow if an aging population became the main target. And even worse for the very young as in baby formula there is a major element of risk is made with fluoridated water. Very small extreme sensitivity to fluoride toxicity makes this unacceptable. Because there are so many sources of fluoride in our everyday lives, it will prove impossible to maintain an average level of 1ppm as suggested. What is the result of effects of this poison?

Effect of fluoride in water

First the immune system. Deviations of protein structure causes the immune proteins to fail to recognize the body, thereby triggering an attack on them, ie autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are diseases of the body interfere with the process of thousands of people: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Asthma and Systemic Sclerosis are examples; but in the particular context today, thyroid antibodies will be produced which will cause Thyroiditis resulting in disease hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiency) generally, Hashimoto hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease (goiter).

Results Musculo damage the bones away from the enzyme toxic effect; tissue collagen (an adhesive protein found in bone and cartilage) of which the muscles, tendons (tendons), making the damaged joints and bones. Osteoporosis (brittle bones), arthritis (rheumatism) and deformation (shape change) of bone must be followed. Toxic effect extends to the ameloblasts making the enamel (hard enamel) teeth, which consequently weakened and then made brittle; and his appearance could be seen, of course, dental fluorosis.

Toxic effects of enzymes extends to our genes; DNA cannot repair itself, and chromosomes are damaged. Working at the University of Missouri showed genital damage, targeting ovaries (ovarian) and testes. Also affect the growth of uterine and fetal development, especially the nervous system. Increased incidence of syndrome (signs that occur simultaneously) down already documented.

Fluoride is mutagenic. That is, they can lead to proliferation (proliferation) is not under control of the cells we call cancer. This applies to cancer throughout the body but the bones are specifically chose a way out. The incidence of osteosarcoma in a research report in 1991 showed an increase of 50% outstanding. A report in 1955 in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a 400% increase in thyroid cancer in San Francisco during the period in their water fluoridated.

My special concern is the Effect of Fluoride On The thyroid gland

Perhaps I can remind you about thyroid disease. The thyroid gland produces hormones that control metabolism (the process of rotation) with the rate at which we burn our fuel. Deficiency is relatively common, far more than the usually accepted by the medical mid life is more likely. The disease is dangerous in onset (attack) and development. People become tired, cold, weight gain, depression, constipation, they suffer from arthritis, hair loss, infertility, atherosclerosis and chronic diseases. Unfortunately, this is under-diagnosed and managed by state doctors much less well in this regard.

What concerns me very deeply that in concentrations as low as 1ppm, fluorides damage the thyroid system on 4 levels.

1. Preparation of enzymes from thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland itself. The process by which iodine is attached to the amino acid tyrosine and converted to two significant thyroid hormones, thyroxin (T4) and liothyronine (T3), is slowed.

2. Stimulation of certain G proteins from the toxic effect of fluoride (whose function is to regulate the absorption of any substance into the body's cells), has a disabling effect on uptake into the cells of thyroid hormone.

3. Thyroid control mechanism can be compromised. Teroid is the result of stimulation of the pituitary gland hormone is inhibited by fluoride, thus reducing thyroid hormone production.

4. Fluoride compete for receptor sites (nerve endings that are sensitive to sensory stimuli) in the thyroid gland which respond to thyroid stimulating hormone; so much less of this hormone reaches the thyroid gland so less thyroid hormone is produced. These damaging effects, all of which occur with small concentrations of fluoride, has the effect of a clear and easily recognizable on thyroid status. Teroid hormones are flowing means sliding slowly into hypothyroidism. Incidence of hypothyroidism have increased as a result of toxins and other environmental pollutants with widespread malnutrition.

Fluoridation in the nation's water supply will do little for our dental health, but will have catastrophic effects on our general health. We cannot, must not, dare not, subject our nation to this terrible risk. So, let us remind once more fluoride in water is extremely hazardous to health, although good for dental health.

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