Ground Water Containers

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A geological formation that has the ability to store and perform a significant amount of groundwater to wells or springs - springs called aquifers. Layer of sand or gravel is one of the geological formations that can act as an aquifer. Ground water container, called the aquifer covered by a layer of rock layers with low water yield power, such as clay, known as akuitard. The same layer can also cover the aquifer, which makes the ground water in the aquifer under pressure (confined aquifer).

In some areas, the appropriate drilling to tap underground water pressure, it makes the ground water to surface without the need for pumping. While the aquifer without a cover on it, ground water in it without pressure (unconfined aquifer), the same as the outside air pressure. All aquifers have two fundamental characteristics: (i) water storing capacity of the soil and (ii) the capacity of groundwater flow. However, as a result of the varied geology, the aquifer is very diverse in their hydraulic properties (graduation and savings) and tandoannya volume (thickness and distribution of geography).

Based on the properties of the aquifer may contain ground water in very large with a broad distribution to thousands of km2 or vice versa. Judging from his position on the surface, groundwater can be called (i) shallow groundwater (phreatic), generally associated with the aquifer is not depressed, which is stored in aquifers near the surface to a depth of - depending on the agreement - 15 to 40 m. (Ii) in ground water, generally associated with a confined aquifer, which is stored in the aquifer at a depth of more than 40 m (where agreement shallow ground water to a depth of 40 m).

Shallow groundwater is generally used by the community (poor) to make a dig wells, while ground water in use by the industry and society haves. The distribution of aquifers and ground water drainage does not know the limits of administrative authority. An area bounded by geological constraints that contain one or more aquifers with widespread distribution, is called ground water basin.

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