Ground Water Quality

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Groundwater Quality. Physical properties and chemical composition of ground water that determines the quality of ground water is naturally greatly influenced by the type of lithology of aquifers, soil / rock through which ground water, and other types of water from ground water. Quality will change when going to water the soil of human intervention, such as excessive ground water sampling, waste disposal, etc..

Shallow ground water-prone (vulnerable) to contamination from polluting substances from the surface. However, because the soil / rock is weakened pollutant substances, the level of contamination of shallow groundwater aquifer depends on the position, scale and type of contaminants, and the type of soil / rock in give the unsaturated zone, and the rocks making up the aquifer itself. Given the changing patterns of recharge, the groundwater in the urban areas which have intensive use of groundwater, become very vulnerable to pollution.

If the shallow groundwater in these areas has been polluted. Contaminated ground water is the bearer of the seeds of disease from water (water born diseases).

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