Groundwater drainage and feed additives

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Ground water can be formed or flow (especially horizontally), from the point / area added (recharge), immediately when the rain falls, to take daily, weekly, monthly, annual, decades, centuries, even millennia, , lived in the aquifer before it comes back naturally in the point / area nauseating (discahrge), depending on the position of water-saturated zone, topography, climatic conditions and hydraulic properties of aquifers. Therefore, when compared within the time frame the average age of man, the real ground water is one natural resource that is not renewable.

Currently in urban areas that use ground water it was very intense, the ground water in (piezometic head) are already under shallow water table (phreatic head). The result is a change in the pattern of augmentation, which was previously ground water in shallow ground water supply (because piezometic head higher than the phreatic head), now is the opposite of shallow ground water in the ground water supply.

If the total amount of soil water uptake of an aquifer system exceeds the average amount of recharge, there will be a decline in ground water level is constant and the reduction of ground water reserves in aquifers. (Just like the flow of cash into savings, if expenditures exceed revenues, the balance of the savings will continue to dwindle). If this thing happens, then this condition is called capture excess (over exploitation), and groundwater mining occurs.

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