Drinking water hazard If a drunk at the same time

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As we know, that 70 percent of the human body contains water, it is enough to show how big a role this liquid substance in the body. Every day we are advised to consume 8 glasses of water to keep the body from dehydration, in addition, water also helps the stomach digest food. Even the skin, nails and hair, every inch needs water to stay fresh and moist.

Unlike the food, we need not wait for thirst to sip a glass of mineral water. If you wait there is a sense of thirst is late. Should have every chance we drink. Small example, if after urinating then we are encouraged to drink. Logically if there are discarded then there is the entrance.

When the body lacks water, the impact would not be good. Like for example, the concentration of the brain decreases, so the body susceptible to disease, and skin, hair or nails are dry and dull. However, do not you also not advisable to drink water in the amount is too much at once. There is a perception that a lot of drinking water in the morning to wash the blood. And drink lots of water while also not good, because the water entering the blood vessels will make the work of the heart and kidneys are too heavy.

Consequently, in the long term will cause heart failure or kidney failure. Drinking water is still needed, especially when you wake up during sleep because the body evaporates.

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