Cause of Ocean Pollution

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The damage of our earth has been increasing into the worse thing. There are so many kinds of pollution, such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, etc. those kinds of pollutions are very harmful to the lives of human being, animals, and the plats. Moreover, the water pollution includes the river water and the ocean water.

The Cause of Ocean Pollution

The ocean pollution might be caused by the industrial processes like mining. There are also so many kinds of industry that throw away their waste and rubbish to the ocean. Another cause of ocean pollution is the activities of human being in the beach that often throw rubbish in the sea water. Human unconsciously damage the earth by doing something that actually they do not realize about the consequences that can emerge because of the things they do. In fact the thing that people throw rubbish not in the right place can cause a huge damage to the earth. It causes the ocean pollution that can cause other damages for their own lives. The activity of throwing away the residue and garbage into the ocean is also very dangerous to the lives of the creature that uses the water to live, especially for the creatures that live inside the water.

The Consequences of Ocean Pollution

The consequence of the ocean pollution is that the creatures that live in the ocean, such as the fishes, algae, seaweeds, etc. can be damage. They can not live healthily in the condition of water that is dirty. It is because they need clean water to run their lives. The bad condition of the water because of the industrial waste and the human bad behavior to their environment can kill the creatures that live in the ocean. Moreover, the waste from the industrial activities can ruin the creatures because it contains many dangerous chemical materials.

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