Causes of Water Pollution and Solutions

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Nowadays, water pollution is getting higher. It is very dangerous for the lives of human being. That is because human need clean water so much for the directness of their lives. The water pollution can be caused by the garbage or trash from human themselves. Human often throw the garbage in the river, so that the water in the river becomes dirty, while people also use the water for their needs.

The Effects of Water Pollution

People who live in the edge of the river use the water to wash their clothes, bath, etc. We can see that there is no balance. People make the water to clean, but they themselves also make it dirty. Another cause of the water pollution is that there are many industries that throw their residue of the product of the industries into the river, whereas the residue of the industrial processes is very dangerous for the lives because there are a lot of chemical materials in it. It is dangerous not only for human being, but also for the animals and the plants. The animal, especially they are that live in the water, will be damaged. They can not live in the dirty water because of their need of clean water. The plants will also be harmed. They can not live with the water pollution as they also need clean water for their food.

The Solutions to Prevent Water Pollution

Furthermore, the solution that we can do to decrease the water pollution is that from the industry, we have to maintain the residue and the waste to be recycled and not to throw the waste to the river. They have to maintain the waste not to be thrown into the river, but they could recycle the waste to be other material that may be useful for human being. Also, for the people who live in the edge of the river not to throw their garbage into the river.

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