The Development of the Reverse Osmosis Technology

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The development of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) - About 50 years ago the threat in the drinking water for human was the germ. The germ can cause the diseases from diarrhea to cholera. To solve this problem, people in that era usually boil the water to kill the germ before drink it. Now, the threat for the drinking water is more than just the germ. The water now is polluted with the heavy metal as the waste of the industry. Boiling the water before drink it can’t be solution because it won’t remove the content of the heavy metal. The heavy metal contained in the drinking water can cause the diseases like skin disease and even cancer.

To remove the heavy metal contained in the drinking water there is a technology called Reverse Osmosis (RO) as the answer. RO is the filtration technology for water that can remove the germ and the heavy metals in the water. The filtration consists of some steps that called as desalination with semi-permeable membrans.

The technology of RO has been developed since 1748 by Jean Antoine Nollet. Nollet developed this technology only in his laboratory. For the next 200 years, this technology was just only a part of the laboratory researches. In 1949, research that was done by UCLA and University of Florida results the clean water from the sea water as the materials.

The technology of RO then developed by NASA to fulfill the necessity of drinking water of the astronauts. The RO system created by NASA became the beginning of the development of this technology to be commercial. The problem of the heavy metals in the drinking water became the background why the scientists keep develop this technology commercially. Now, almost 300 years after Nollet started the research of the RO technology, the RO technology can be found in the drinking water all over the world.

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