Healthy Drinking Water Standards

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Water is so much important for our lives as it’s needed for us to survive. Of course we only expect to consume good water that can help us to stay healthy. However we have to admit that today it’s not very easy at all to get clean and healthy drinking water. The rapid global economic growth has forced many manufacturers to increase their productivity and reduce as much expenses as they can result the higher rates of water pollution. Due to such issue therefore the government has established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which has also issued the National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) to ensure that the healthy drinking water is available for public.

The NPDWR further has set the Drinking water standards to make sure that all drinking water must be filtered and treated properly before being consumed by public. The drinking water must be free from any chemical contaminants. In most cases drinking water contains benzene which is extremely dangerous since it may cause cancer and anemia so as the lead that may cause kidney problems for adults and when children consume it they’ll have larger possibility to have problems in their physical ad mental development.

The filter and treatment process to get clean and healthy water perhaps a little more complicated. This is due to the fact that they should apply more advanced facilities such as the screen and coagulation. If a person buys a bottle of drinking water therefore it’s always important to see the brief product specifications to make sure that they get a healthy drinking water.

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