Home Reverse Osmosis system

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Home Reverse Osmosis systems - Any living creatures surely need water to survive and so are we. Each day we’re demanded to drink at least 8 glasses of clean and healthy drinking water to keep our body and our digestive system stay healthy. However we have to know that not all drinking water are safe to use considering that there are large possibility that the water has been contaminated to any dangerous contaminants that might be too risky for our health. In order to get the clean, healthy and safe water to drink therefore a proper water treatment should be applied to eliminate such dangerous contaminants. There are many kinds of water filter and treatment methods can be used and reverse osmosis is only a part of it.

Home Reverse Osmosis has been researched by the University of Missouri Extension and clinically has proven to be able to filter out approximately 90% biological and mineral contaminants. Any way such percentage is still highly depended on many different factors such as the water pressures, the property and amount of the contaminants as well as the membrane type of the reverse osmosis.

Normally a simple home reverse osmosis has a semi-porous membrane which is a container to accommodate the treated water. It must also have water flow regulator and valve to flush the water back or the opposite direction through the membrane so the contaminants and other particles are freed from the traps. It also has mechanical filter to remove contaminants or other particles while the activated carbon filter is used to remove the organic compounds.

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Adam Waddy said...

I’ve read/heard many horror stones of kidney stones that were produced by drinking tap water, unfiltered. My husband installed an RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration system at our kitchen sink. Initial cost is high, but it pays for itself over time when compared to purchasing a bottled water delivery service.

James Gerber said...

I already use a filter for drinking water, but it would be great to have easy access to filtered, clean water for all water needs! I think by using a filter, you are saving plenty of money because you wont fall sick because of impure water.

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