Household Water Filters

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Household Water Filters - The condition of water for human life is very important because human need the good quality of water for their consumption. Human can not live without consuming water. The quality of the water we consume decides the condition of the health of our body. For that reason, we need to make the water that we consume to be clean and healthy.

The thing that we have to do in order to make the quality of the water we consume good is by using household water filter. There are so many brand of household water filter that we can found in the shop. You can also look for the household water filter in the online shopping store. The example of household water filter that you can have is the Eureka Forbes-Aqua Guard Ultra. It is a nice product of water filter which is priced Rs 5,990. It has the storage capacity up to 8 liters. The material of the body of this product is made of ABS plastic. The dimension of this product is that its width is 320 mm, its height is 410 mm, and its weight is 5,5 kilograms. You can have 1 year warranty.

Another product is the Hindustan Unilever-Pureit Marvella. The price of this product in the market is Rs 6.900, but you can have the best price at Rs 6,200. It has capacity of the water up to 4,5 liters. This product is available in mixing color of white and grey. The dimension is that the width is 320 mm, the height is 470 mm, and the weight is 8,5 kilograms.

Moreover, if you want to get the lower price of water filter, you can have the Usha Brita-Waterguard Spring SF 2018T. Its price is quite cheap, Rs 1,499. The specification is that this product has more storage capacity of water, which is 18 liters.  Get the more detail specification of the products in the internet.

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