The Importance of Clean Water for Human’s Body

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Water is the important resources in human life. All of the aspects in human’s life involve water. From bathing, cooking, washing the dishes, drinking, and other activities, they all need water. They water needed for those activities is not just any water. The water good for human’s life is the clean water. The clean water is the water that must fulfill the criteria of the clean water. The water must be free from germ, clear, without any taste, and odorless. When the water meets these criteria, it can be called as the clean water that can be used in human’s daily activities.

There are some reasons why the usage of clean water is important in daily life. The consumption of the clean water for drinking will make the body fit and fresh. Consumed the water with germ contained can give the bad effect for the body because in this case, the body will be contaminated to the specific disease easily. Besides, only clean water that can avoid the human’s body from dehydration.

The clean water is also important for the sanitation and agriculture sectors. The sanitation must use clean water so the diseases like cholera or diarrhea can be avoided. The agriculture also needs the clean water so the plants will grow up well.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the availability of the clean water is important to support human’s life. Without clean water, human will be contaminated the diseases easily. In the industrial era like now, pollution becomes the threat for the availability of clean water that is very important to support life. So, people should be more concern about solve the water pollution caused by the industry to keep the water clean and healthy to be consumed.

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