Industrial Wastewater treatment management

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Wastewater treatment is very urgent for industrial. Most of industrial always produce waste and pollution which released to the ground, air and water thus the wastewater treatment for industrial must be done before the waste affect the ground water.

There are lots of wastewater types that can destroy the environment if the wastewater treatment is not the priority task for any kind of industries. The wastewater could be oily water or else that can destroy the ground water and polluting the areas near the industrial complex. Wastewater treatment process including the sludge treatment and three steps of water treatment. The waste water treatment uses drum filter which can works automatically to clean up the waste water in long time periods without being monitored. The reverse osmosis membrane also used in water treatment process to separate chemical waste and water. The result is the chemical waste will be filtered and the water will flows into next step of wastewater treatment.

The wastewater treatment process continues with advanced oxidation process which will reduce the COD/BOD level and remove both organic and oxidisable inorganic components. There are few methods of the advanced oxidation process such as using the hydrogen peroxide which combined with ozone, ultra violet oxidation and wet air oxidation. Although the advanced oxidation will have lots of cost but it is the most effective methods to treat the waste water.

Usually, the wastewater treatment is processed based on the industry types and the waste water which produced by the industry. Please visit related websites in the internet to find more information about wastewater treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Wastewater treatment and recovery systems reduce your costs by recovering process chemistry, metals, and clean water for reuse or recycling, and by eliminating most of your costly disposal of hazardous waste or process effluent. These solutions offer a solid return on your investment and a quick payback on your initial investment, with continued savings and efficiency for years to come.

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Jamie Cloud said...

Is the third step in wastewater management also known as the ‘advance’ one? Even though an advanced treatment is optional, many environmental engineers stand by it. This is because they firmly believe it can remove contaminants and bacteria by a whopping 99% —almost producing drinking-water quality! However, it can be very costly because of the hi-tech machines and highly skilled operators (often demand for a higher income).

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