Pure Water treatment process

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Pure water is important for everyone and it is the vital element of human life. Imagine the world without pure water, there will be no live on earth. In this modern era the water treatment process can be done within a short time and this is the brief review of the water treatment process.

The water treatment process started with finding the water source. There are lots of water source such as ground water, river or lake. After finding the ideal water source, the next step is treating raw water with several steps including filtration and sedimentation. The first step to treat raw water is coagulation. This water treatment process will separate raw water as the sediment and leave other particles behind. Usually the coagulation combined with flocculation and the floating particles will be separated before continue the next step of water treatment process.

The next step is filtration. This step will removes other particles such as clays silts, iron, manganese and other precipitates from other treatment process in the facility. Filtration will clarifies water and enhances the effectiveness of disinfection. After the filtration there is ion exchange treatment. This is the advance water treatment which will eliminate particle and materials such as arsenic, chromium, nitrates, uranium and radium.

The next step of water treatment process is adsorption. This process will remove organic contaminants which can cause water color changes and odor. The last step is disinfection or also known as ozonation. This process will ensure the water is safe to drink and it will eliminate potential microbes which can cause health problems. The disinfection process is not only for the water but it is also for the pipes that delivers the water and the water storage system.

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It is good to learn more about the water treatment process. Hoping for more enlightening facts from you soon!

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Yes, I agree with the comment above. It is really important to learn about the water treatment process.

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Debra said...

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Melanie said...

Water treatment has risen to be one of the most important topics today! Being vital for life, more resources need to be allocated for creating new methods of water treatment with less harmful chemicals. Thank you for the good post!

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