Pureit water filter for healthy living

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Healthy living is everyone’s dream and there are many ways to keep healthy although we are working and have lots activities every day. Yes, the simplest ways to keep healthy is maintain the body metabolism and temperature. The most effective ways to maintain body temperature is drink as much pure water when needed and pureit water filter could be the best solution to get pure water.

Water becomes the most important element on earth and also inside human body. Without water there will be no human on earth and water also known as the purest cleanser for human body. Pure water is difficult to obtain and there are many steps to get pure water which meet the standard requirement and safe to drink but pureit water filter simplify the process and it is very helpful for most people who doesn’t have enough time to boiling water. Pureit water filter will works without electricity or gas and it is also hassle free. It is sold at very affordable price for most people around the world so no need to buy bottled water cans anymore.

The pure water which produced inside the Pureit water filter through 4 steps of purification is safe to drink. To start the purification process, simply pour ground water inside the Pureit water filter and the ground water will be filtered for the first time through microfiber mesh which will removes dirt. Second step, the compact carbon trap will removes harmful parasites and pesticides then third step will use the germkill processor which removes invincible viruses and bacteria.  The last process is polisher will remove chlorine and other contaminants and the pure water is ready to drink.

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Manuel Long said...

Keep healthy and secure on the water we drink and find out the best water filters for securing that the water is clean.

Unknown said...

Experience in Sri Lanka is far from the story given here. Water purification is good. How ever the carbon filter need cleaning almost every week and it gets bloked much before chlorine tablet get empty. No solution still. At the same time due to the extensive use of the platic pump suplied with the unit breaks in less than one year. This simple plastic pump is not available to buy. When I contact the help desk they promise to send one, but never received. My opinion for Sri Lanka users is that they should be ready to throw this unit almost after one year or before that. After sales service of Sri Lanka unilever unit is terribly bad. As a user I do not recomend thsu unot to any one in Sri Lanka, unless they are ready to throw it in one year. I write this with responsibility and have can prove what I state here. My name is Parakrama and uniliver Sri Lanka can find my complaints if they check the system.

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