TDS in Drinking Water

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TDS in drinking water - How many times do you drink water? Do you follow the recommendation for drinking at least 8 glasses of fresh water daily? Do not you have any questions what inside of water? Why drinking water can make you keep healthy? Well, it is important for you to know what you take daily.

The water contains of minerals. The minerals are commonly called TDS. If you want to get the best advantages from drinking water, you need not know about the standard level of TDS in drinking water. TDS or Total Dissolved Solids influences the water quality. If the level is low, it will be not good for the healthy. TDS itself includes minerals, salts, metals, cations and anions. The good water is the water with TDS level not more than 500 ppm. If the TDS is more than 500 ppm, it will be harmful to be consumed. It is important to test the water whether it has high TDS or not. The pure water is colorless, tasteless and odorless.

If you find out that the drinking water supply you have tastes salty or bitter and also smells not good, you can’t consume it. It is like an alert that the water has high TDS. To test the TDS in drinking water, you can use the TDS meter device. It is not difficult to find this TDS tester device. You can simply make the shopping online through the internet.

There are many advantages you can get by drinking water. If you want to have the smooth and healthy skin, the water can works as natural moisturizer inside out. Water also can be used to press the appetite. It is good to lose the weight. Are you sure that the drinking water you take daily is kept its quality? That is why you need to know about the level of TDS in drinking water before you consume it.

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