Well water treatment for residential

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Ground water usually free from any contamination and safe to drink since it is filtered by the soil above it but we have to be careful because certain contamination can be happened when we build a well as the reservoir. The best effort to get pure water from well is through well water treatment.

There are certain methods related to well water treatment, it is including routine check for the water quality, check the well cap, check the water pump and check the water pipe. The well water treatment at least must be a routine scheduled task for every six months to ensure the quality of the water and if there is contamination it can be detected earlier. We have to check the surface drainage and ensure it is constructed far away from the well cap.

The new well should be disinfected properly by the well driller and after the disinfection the well driller can take water sample from the well to be tested for micro bacteria in the laboratory. The water sample form the well must be taken to the laboratory within 24 hours after the drilling process.

The well water treatment is very important to get pure water for daily purposes. Every well in the residential must be checked if there is activity near the residential which can cause water pollution. Certain activity such as road building, sewer building or electrical installation below the ground can affect the ground water quality. Although the color of the water is same but the contamination could happened without changing the color of the water.

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