11 ways traditional Water Filter

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There are various ways to get clean water by traditional water filtration methods course. This is the most commonly used to make water filtration and water purification simple. However, this water filtration can not remove salt completely. For that, use distillation to remove the salt completely. Here's an alternative filtering water using traditional water filter.

1. Sieve Cotton Fabrics

This is a technique that is most convenient and simple. Turbid water that is filtered using a clean cotton cloth. However, the water from the filter depends on the thickness and density of the fabric. This serves to clean the water of dirt and tiny microorganisms that exist.

2. Cotton filter

Sieve cotton sieve as well as cotton. This filter can also clean up existing dirt and mikroorganism. However, this cotton filter can work properly depending on the thickness and density of the cotton itself.

3. Aeration

Aeration is the process of purification by filling oxygen into the water. So that substances such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane that affect taste and odor can be eliminated.

4. Slow sand filter

Water filter is made using layers of sand and gravel on top to the bottom. Clean water is obtained through the upper sand layer first and then through the gravel at the bottom.

5. Quick Sand Sieve

This compared with a water filtration sand filter slow is from bottom to top. Clean water is obtained through the gravel layer and then headed down past the top layer of soil.

6. Gravity-Fed Filtering System

This filter is a combination of slow sand filter with rapid sand filters. Clean water is obtained through two stages, namely the slow sand filters and rapid sand filter. So, clean water to the rapid sand filter and then into the slow sand filter.

7. Charcoal filter

This filter is also called a sand filter, but added a layer of charcoal. This filter can be effective in removing odor and taste. Charcoal which can be used charcoal coconut shell charcoal or wood. Can also use activated charcoal to obtain maximum results.

8. Traditional water filter

Filter this traditional water filter sand filter is a modification of the charcoal with a slow sand filter. This filter coupled with a layer derived from coconut coir.

9. Ceramic filter

This ceramic filter can be stored in a long time so it can be used in emergencies. Clean water is obtained from the filter element ceramics filter. Using a mixture of silver ceramic filter that serves as a disinfectant and kills bacteria.

10. Sieve Rock

Rock filter is almost similar to the ceramic filter. The water is filtered using the pores of rocks.

11. Sieve Clay

Sieve the clay is traditional water filter. Jugs of baked clay, first formed precisely at the bottom so water can exit the pores of the base.

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