80% of human diseases originate from water pollution

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Before the 19th century, the pollution of the organism is something feared by many people on water pollution. Water pollution is derived from bacteria, algae plants, parasites, viruses, and microbes. However, after the water began to contaminated substances they can transmit diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Examples of infectious diseases caused, for example fever, typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera. So in this case the human disease also comes from water pollution.

Today most countries in fundamental has successfully tried this organic pollution. However, anyone still would not underestimate this disease, and prevent infectious diseases remain contagious or infectious again. Among the 37 kinds of infectious diseases, there are some countries that have contagious diseases spread through water up to 8 types, namely cholera, hepatitis, inflammation of the spinal cord gray matter, amoebic dysentery, typhoid, paratifus, leptospirosis, snail fever, diarrhea and infectious diseases.

Supposed life as an increasingly advanced and sophisticated technology that can make a lot of people knowledge about organic pollute deepened. They must realize Almost 80% of human diseases originate from water pollution. According to water experts that there is great danger behind drinking water contaminated with organic pollution. Just so you know the source of organic pollution is very broad, for example from plant waste, industrial waste, household waste, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other wastes are harmful to humans.

This organic pollution threat than dangerous, but can be worrying, because the waste water can be absorbed by conventional water sources are often used for everyday needs and seep into the body. For example, if the river polluted by benzene, and conventional sources of water purification and filtration is not done properly then the water will make the local population experiencing a water crisis.

In this modern century, organic contamination such as these have been overcome. By using the absorption of active charcoal has been very effective way to overcome this. But the problem now, people must first be aware of the impacts of water pollution itself. Because nearly 80% of human diseases originate from water pollution.

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Many human diseases are caused by combination of toxins compromising the immune defenses of a particular body organ and then a particular parasite taking advantage of that lowered immunity to establish itself in that organ. This applies to cancer, diabetes, AIDS, asthma, and many more diseases.

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