Convert Polluted Water into Clean Water

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When disaster strikes, scarcity of clean water would be an issue that needs attention. Not only that, the natural disaster would make a lot of clean polluted water sources, both exposed to biological hazards (such as viruses, bacteria or worms) or chemical hazards (such as detergents, solvents, cyanide, heavy metals, minerals and organic acids, nitrogen compounds, sulfides , ammonia and organic compounds toxic biocidal large varieties). Then how to us convert polluted water into clean water ?

In fact, water conditions are considered safe and healthy consumption is a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and free from disease and free mikroorganism containing hazardous chemicals.

Purification of water which is mostly done there are three stages, namely:

But, like the three stages of this right is not enough to convert polluted water into clean water.

Here are some other ways to reduce the danger of contamination of water both biologically and chemically:

1. Filtering and boiling
It can kill bacteria, spores, ova, cysts and sterilize water. Although they are clean, the water will be drunk to be filtered and boiled it to boil for at least 5-10 minutes. This process also removes carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate precipitation.

2. Chemical disinfection
This is useful for purifying water that is stored in a place such as in stagnant water, water tanks or wells.

3. Bleaching powder
But the water is very polluted and turbid could not be purified by this method. Bleaching powder is an unstable compound with strong odors. 3 grams of powdered bleach needed to disinfect a cubic meter (1,000 liters) of water. When this compound is exposed to air, light or moisture, then these compounds will rapidly lose chlorine levels, so that it becomes ineffective. This process is a chlorinated lime. 

4. Chlorine tablets
These compounds may be quite costly but effective way to purify water with a small scale. Chlorine tablets is 15-20 times more powerful than halogen tablets. One pill 5 grams, sufficient to disinfect 20 liters of water.Market, chlorine tablets sold as tablets halazone.

5. Filter
This method eliminates bacteria that are commonly found in drinking water, but ineffective with viruses that can escape the filter. Carbon cartridge removes organic impurities from the water color, odor, and other chlorine-free. UV filter tool generally consists of a pre filter, namely physical dirt filter. Its surface is coated with silver catalyst so that bacteria that enter into will be killed. There are several types of filters, including ceramic filter 'candles' and UV filters.While the function of UV rays to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The main part of a ceramic filter 'candles' wax is made of porcelain or infusorial ground.

This is five methods to you which function to convert polluted water into clean water.

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