Ground Water Treatment Technology Ready to Drink

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Water is a very important need that can not be negotiable. Therefore, if water is not being met adequately, then it will have an impact on health and social problems. Water has a standard requirement for consumption of various terms, such as physical, chemical, and bacteriological. The third requirement is an inseparable unity. So, if the requirements are not met one, then the water is not feasible consumption and can cause health problems either directly or indirectly. To overcome these problems, there is another alternative that is by using ground water treatment technology ready to drink to get water quality standards that meet the requirements of proper water consumption.

The purpose of water treatment technology is to improve public health, particularly people who still use groundwater or well water is used as daily necessities. Although the product targets ground water treatment technology ready to drink, but maybe this can be a solution for those in need. Units of water treatment equipment can be used to improve the quality of well water or groundwater as the water needs to be drunk directly without heating. This unit is suitable for use as in densely populated settlements.


A. Silica Markets
B. Gravel
C. Manganese Zeolite
D. granular activated carbon (granular)
E. Chlorine

Equipment: the technical specifications of equipment (capacity 10,000 liters / day)

A. Pumps Raw Baptism
B. Dosage pumps
C. Catchbasin Chemistry
D. Catchbasin Reactor
E. Quick Beach clarify (Sand Filter)
F. Manganese Zeolite Filter
G. Activated Carbon Filter
H. Clarifying Cartridge
I. Ultra Violet sterilization

How to Make:

The processing of ground water treatment technology ready to drink the ground water pumped from wells with a pump jet, as he was given chlorine into the reactor tank. Of the reactor tank, the water flowed fast into the sand filter to filter the iron oxide or manganese oxide which precipitates to tank reactor. then circulate water to the manganese zeolite filters. This function manganese zeolite filters remove iron or manganese that have not had time to oxide by chlorine.

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