How to eliminate the smell of well water in Peat lands

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Water pond or well water you just smell? Although the water looks clear, but the smell, then it will also be less disruptive and affect the taste in water. What can we do to overcome eliminate smell water wells in the peat?

The cause of smelly water

In general, wells dug on peat will be difficult to obtain a clean water source. Because the water is acidic with a pH of 3-4, the high organic content, iron and manganese levels are high, smelling, yellow, dark brown or black, or opaque, and can also be salted if the peat is close to the beach. So it is not uncommon that people living in Peat lands further use rainwater for drinking and bathing, and using well water for washing clothes or other activities.

Step resolution

To eliminate smell well water in peat lands as for the steps following its completion. Water pumping from wells not used directly, but first put on a special reservoir. Its function is to purify the water and raise the pH from 8 to 9 through the provision of soda ash or calcium oxide is dissolved. As a result formed a green blob and will slowly float to the surface water. Clots in the form of metals and organic compounds that will change color to yellow-brown and slowly settles. Use the alum and stir in the same direction for about 5 minutes.

Water that has been clearly transferred to the deposition bath. Though it was clear, but it can not be consumed because it still contains small particles that float, organic compounds, manganese and iron are dissolved, and still making these smelling water. For the next step in eliminate the smell of well water in peat lands is the stage of oxidation can be with air or chlorine. Furthermore, the removal of taste, odor, and color by using activated carbon or charcoal coconut shell.

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