Importance of Clean Water For Health

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One needs important to environmental health is a matter of clean water, garbage disposal, and sanitation. Supplies of clean water for health with sanitation, and decay every day produced by the society and the disposal of waste water flowing in rivers. This causes siltation of river obstacles, blockages due to waste streams. In the rainy season will consistently occur and cause catastrophic flooding disease.

Clean water for health problems is fatal to our lives. Where every day we use it for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and so on. With clean water that we can avoid the disease. If we know, the problem of clean water in our country have become scarce as in big cities. Unlike a few decades ago, the clean water is easily accessible and consistently abundant in every neighborhood in the area of ​​our country, because at that time not much happens water and air pollution. Now, begin to change colors and flavors were not as accustomed as to adjust because of pollution.

The causes of environmental pollution is also an intervention from humans. Water pollution and land occur in waters such as rivers, time, lake, ocean, groundwater, and so on. While soil pollution is pollution that occurs on land in village or town.

Nature has the ability to restore polluted water to the purification or refining action by the purification of natural soil, sand, rocks and micro-organisms that live around us.

Mass pollution created by human nature is not capable of making reverse the on position. Nature becomes lost in the purifying from pollution that occurs. Garbage and substances such as plastics, DDT, detergents, etc which are not environmentally friendly natural conditions will worsen already heavily polluted.

There are several causes of water pollution and soil:

1. Erosion and precipitation of air.

2. Many waste human waste from human settlements.

3. The spread of chemicals from the area of ​​people's houses, agricultural, industrial, and so on.

Rubbish and waste water contains various elements such as dissolved gases, dissolved solids, oils and fats as well as microorganisms. Microorganisms contained in the waste water can be a cause of disease and decomposers. Handling waste is not good such as: waste water drainage in an open channel, or channel walls and bottom of the damaged caused by lack of nurture.

Dirt and debris into the environment causing the blockage and the emergence of a pool that accelerates the growth of microorganisms or disease-causing germs, insects and mammals cause terrible diseases such as flies and mice.

There are some diseases acquired by poor sanitation and poor waste disposal:

1. Diarrhea
2. Scarlet fever
3. Dysentery
4. Hepatitis A
5. Cholera
6. Tiphus
7. Wormy
8. Malaria

To that end, consume clean water for health. So we have to do mitigation in terms of water pollution and soil with a healthy lifestyle.

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