Reverse Osmosis Method Advantages

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Before the reverse osmosis method  is used, there has been some previous water treatment. However, water pollution is very severe now. The old system no longer able to produce a clean and healthy water. The following comparison of reverse osmosis water treatment with the other.

Pure water with reverse osmosis method of pure bio :

1. Pure water has a high oxygen content
2. Free from all kinds of pollutants, whether physical, chemical, and biological.
3. Directly used.
4. Economical.

Ion exchange :

1. High operating costs.
2. Require large-scale regeneration.
3. Only dispose of heavy metal content of about 90% and still contains the sodium that can cause hypertension, calcification of blood vessels, and heart problems.
4. There are some bacteria and certain viruses that can not be able to be filtered.

Distillation :

1. High cost, because the use of routine which can waste electricity.
2. The water is less oxygen and smelling.
3. They can not filter or remove organic chemicals and heavy metals.

Interactive carbon filter :

1. A different quality to get different results.
2. Can not get rid of heavy metals, asbestos, nitrates, etc..
3. The result is not sterile, because bacteria and viruses is easy to grow back.

Deposition :

1. Water quality is not stable.
2. Not able to dispose of heavy metals, nitrates, asbestos, salts, etc..
3. Breeding ground of bacteria and viruses.

Boiling :

1. Can kill viruses and bacteria, but still leaves other pollutants.
2. Accelerate the reaction between organic material that joins with chlorine.
3. Evaporation occurs.
4. The result is a lack of oxygen and smelling water.

Ozone Sterilization :

1. Can only kill bacteria.
2. High cost.
3. Not able to filter out the chemicals to the fullest.

UV system :

1. Killing bacteria is not maximal.
2. High cost.
3. Not able to filter out chemicals and the results are smelling water.

From the above comparison, that the proper water treatment is the answer you as long use reverse osmosis method.

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