Simple Water Filtering

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Now, sources of clean water is very hard to find. Clean water is also still there now that looks cloudy. Yet good water is water that was clear. The water is turbid, due to a lack of good screening done. Now, there are ways that you can make your water colors are no longer becomes turbid with a simple water filtering method.

To get the water quality and quantity of the good can be pursued with this simple method of water filtration. Process water filtration produces clean clear water that can be utilized in their daily needs. For example, washing, bathing, drinking, and other daily necessities that are useful. Filtered water with this simple water filtration, at least too little can minimize borne diseases earlier.

Materials to make these simple water filtering is very easy. The material can be easily found around us. The material is sand and coconut shell.

The advantage of the water filtration process is simple:

• Water filtering result produced is clean enough for the household.

• Makes it pretty easy and simple and its maintenance was quite easy.

• Materials used easily obtainable.

Losses from the water filtration process is simple:

• nurture it requires precision and takes a long time, such as:

a. Sedimentation and filtration drum should always be cleaned, if the water flow less smoothly. Fibers, gravel, brick pieces, and sand should always be cleaned, then dried.

b. Charcoal should be replaced 3 months.

c. Can not be used to filter chemicals are good, because this method is simply to filter turbid water.

To that end, in the boiling water must be completely up to boil. This simple, this is the water purification by simple water filtering.

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