Traditional water Filter

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If turbid water in your home, because your house near the paddy fields, or river, or plants may be traditional water filter can solve your problem. If your house is near or is in those areas, not infrequently your water murky, dirty, yellow or brown to black, and smelly you can anticipate using alum or use a more traditional way again by using the powdered leaves of Moringa seeds or using traditional water filter.

For a long time the traditional water filter is better than the other tools that use chemicals. Itself also be counterbalanced with springs we are not contaminated by other chemicals, water murky, dirty, smelly still be overcome. This simple water filter you can make an alternative that you can consider.

In making a simple water filter you just use a rock, clay, bamboo and activated charcoal, and sand filter, etc.. But of all the most good used charcoal filter, sand, gravel, and stone. The results were not disappointing. Water is initially turbid, yellow-brown to black, and has a smell that smells can make clear the water is colorless and odorless after using this filter.

For the filtering media you can use drums, barrels, buckets, or a simple connection cans or plastic bottles. Filter layer adapted to water problems you face. If your water source of the odor, then a layer of charcoal thicker. If your water problem is so severe you can add a layer of zeolite rocks to handle it. The result was initially cloudy, but about 10 minutes the water will look clean and clear.

For treatment of a traditional water filter is very easy. Only by cleaning the water filter is 2-3 months, especially if a small discharge of water released and the water was beginning to look cloudy. How to clean it just by removing the filter and wash and dry in the sun to dry.

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