Wastewater treatment technology the hospital with Anaerobic Aerobic biofilter system

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For rain water can be directly discharged into the common channel through an open channel.Hospital waste water originating from waste disposal and wastewater domistik clinical compounds generally contain a fairly high organic pollutants, and can be treated with biological treatment processes, while for hospital waste water originating from the laboratory typically contains heavy metals which when The waste water flowed into the biological treatment processes, heavy metals can interfere with the processing process.Hospital waste water either from the bathroom exhaust, used water laundry, kitchen waste water and clinical waste water collected in the tub with a control channel or closed pipe, then flows into the wastewater treatment unit.After processing, the processed water discharged into public channels.

This is probably because the source of the waste water is also varied so that the time factor and the sampling method strongly influences the concentrations.Therefore, for the management of hospital waste water, the waste water originating from the laboratory is separated and collected, then processed chemically-physics, then the water flowed processed together with other waste water, and subsequently treated with biological treatment processes.

In addition to chemical pollution, waste water, the hospital also has the potential to pollute the environment in a bacteriological.

In the management of hospital waste water, then keep in mind is the water sewer system.From the results of chemical analysis of the couple of hospital waste water samples showed that concentrations of pollutants vary greatly compound for example, BOD 52 to 633 mg / l, ammonia from 79 to 173 mg / l, detergent (MBAS) 1, 66 to 79 mg / l.The complete characteristics of hospital waste water can be seen in Table Proficiency level of the table shows that hospital waste water if not treated is a potential to pollute the environment.Hospital waste water is all liquid waste from the proceeds of the entire hospital activities which include: the disposal of liquid waste domistik bathrooms, kitchens, water used washing clothes; clinical effluent wastewater that is derived from hospital clinical activities such as water former laundry wound, blood washing, wastewater laboratories, and others.Sewerage and rain water lines must be made separately.

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