Activated Carbon from Cassava Skin

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Can be proved activated carbon can be made from cassava skin. Activated carbon from cassava skin can absorb 99.98% copper content in waste water.

In general, activated carbon made ​​from coconut shells. But, this time more modest skin is made from cassava. Many of them do not know these foods are often consumed. Many of them do not know the skin of cassava that can be made of activated carbon.

Cassava contains 59.31% carbon. Activated carbon from the skin so that cassava is also an effective way to purify water. Cassava skin so it can be said also to have additional economic value that is to be activated carbon.

Activated carbon from the skin of cassava are also environmentally friendly. So great to use for their communities. How to make activated carbon from cassava biscuits are also very easy and simple. Only with dry skin with some sort of cassava oven with temperatures reaching 800 degrees for three hours. Direct result mashed and mixed with a solution of NaOH. Having tested by atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the resulting activated carbon can absorb copper content reached 99.98%. Synthetic waste water containing copper sulfate or CuSO4 could be clarified by activated carbon from the skin of about 2 grams of cassava within 40 minutes. Not only to purify the water, activated carbon also serves to cure diarrhea.

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