Active carbon absorbent Poisons

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Active carbon absorbent poison - Norit is a name from the activated carbon. Usually activated carbon, also called activated charcoal. Raw materials for making activated carbon is among other things:

1. wood
2. coal
3. nutshell
4. Sawdust.

The material is chemically treated by mixing with acid or steam with steam or gas with very high temperatures. And you can see the results. The result will appear in solid black and will not cause baud's also a sense.

If activated carbon examined using scanning electron microscopy, the visible pores in large numbers. The pores are larger than 50 nm are macropores known circuitry, 2 nm - 50 nm known as mesopores, and below 2 nm known as micropores. One gram of activated carbon has a wide 0.5 - 1.5 square kilometers.

The pores in activated carbon can absorb toxins. So that the activated carbon can also be useful for those who had overdosed, food poisoning, and toxic food ingested. This is done by catching the poison in the stomach and intestines. If given then the faster the toxins can be absorbed well by many.

Nor all the ingredients can be absorbed by activated carbon, although activated carbon to absorb toxins. Examples that can not be absorbed by activated carbon, namely lithium, acids and strong bases, metals and materials in organic, alcohol, and hydrocarbons.

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