Causes of water pollution

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Water Pollution - Pollution is now familiar our ears. Already a lot of water due contaminants wastes dumped without being processed first. There is no awareness for them. In fact, they also consume water and receipts each days, but they are also a waste carelessly.

Pollution can be physical, biological, and chemical. If the results of water pollution is greater than the waste, then it causes the imbalance of the ecosystem on the environment. So that the waste should be destroyed as soon as its production quickly, then the things that make a loss in humans can be prevented.

What causes water pollution? Who causes that should be responsible for damages brought by their pollutants? How can contaminate sources of water pollution of different objects?

Causes of water pollution can cause health problems stemming from chemical and process industries. When the mill and producer of chemicals enter directly into the river can cause toxic be water and low oxygen levels. You can see water pollution like this beside. How it's horrible if our water source like this.

Hot water from electricity generation is called thermal pollution. This can reduce the oxygen content, causing aquatic plants and animals are dying.

Organic and an organic pollutants also cause water pollution. Organic wastes are usually generated at the plant canning meat, manufacturing plants, pesticides, and so on. An organic waste is toxic and corrosive. For instance such as acids, heavy metals, mercury, cadmium, and lead. An organic waste typically generated at the battery factory, mining, paper mills increase the mercury so that dangerous and poisonous.

One cause of water pollution more is derived from household waste. By disposing of waste haphazardly. For example throw waste in the trenches, ditches, rivers, and wherever that may damage the water. For example,  waste originating from the shampoo, hand body, moisturizer, bleach, detergent, fabric softener, and many others. If water pollution is not controlled, then the water will decrease.

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