Charcoal Coconut Shell as a water purifier

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Finding clean drinking water and quality is now very difficult time. Yet water demand in humans is a clean and clear water. In the body of water serves as solvent substances which circulate throughout the body. So many benefits of water for life. For example just for everyday needs, such as washing, cooking, bathing, drinking, and others. Actually, water can still be obtained from the purification process when cooking, that is by using coconut shell charcoal as a water purifier.

By putting a water purifier coconut shell charcoal in water sources used and the wrapper shell charcoal with a clean white cloth. During the heated water shell charcoal will work to absorb the polluting substances, which makes the smell of the water, and as well as color to produce clear water. With this you will produce clean water and healthy and clear.

Benefits of the shell charcoal as a water purifier that produces crystal clear water itself also serves to repel flies by storing it in clear plastic and hanged. Shaped like a ball of glass and filled with water.

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