Clean and healthy water

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Clean and healthy water is one type of natural resources that we use daily to perform various activities and in terms of consumption. Clean water is water that complies with healthy water, namely:

1. Clean and healthy
2. Clear
3. Odorless
4. Have no sense.

Water is also a lot of bacteria, especially bacteria E. coli that are very harmful to our health if you drink containing the bacteria. Water sources used by the public generally rivers, rain and groundwater. It was also the source of water must undergo a process of processing a good way to get clean and healthy water.

There are also factors that pollute the water clean and healthy, for example:

1. Agriculture: Deploying the water because of lack of water for irrigation resulted in reduced spending even water on soil productivity.

2. Fields of industry: The use of water in industry have a greater impact than in agriculture. Why? There are several factors that cause, for example:

a. Using water on an irregular basis that is inconsistent with the national water resources policy
b. Dispose of waste before it is processed so that pollute water sources that are around. This is if produced in large volume food contamination also extends to pollute the sea. So that chemicals can enter and be absorbed by the sources of clean water.

3. The household: Many households are exploiting water resources in mass. Actually held that restrictions on the issue only result in the users themselves and not become a threat to the environment caused by waste disposal without processing.

If a clean and healthy water used will lead to several diseases such as:

1. Diarrhea
2. Wormy
3. Dysentery
4. Cancer

For that, we must also recognize the importance of clean and healthy water for life. You can overcome this by using a good water treatment by reverse osmosis is a well-known example.

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