The crisis of ground water by wells biopori

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The crisis of groundwater by wells biopori - dwindling ground water supplies. This results from there are not many trees found in the area. So there is no water storage. This resulted in easy porous soil layers and thinner. Points can also be dangerous because it resulted in landslides. A thin layer of soil is very prone to landslides.

To handle the crisis by making the ground water wells biopori. Biopori wells are wells that can serve to overcome the problem of ground water crisis. In the manufacturing process can quickly drain biopori water into the ground. It can also increase the supply of ground water and cope with flooding.

To make a well in a crisis biopori ground water does not need to be deep or large, but created in the corners of the page.

Excess wells biopori :

1. Cheap
2. Practical
3. Easy

Here's an explanation of the crisis workmanship ground water with wells biopori.

Tools and materials :

1. Drill biopori.

How it works well to handle the crisis biopori groundwater :

1. Determine the exact location or area to place the well biopori. (Choose a moist soil, but if the dry soil with water to wet)

2. Give the cylindrical hole in the ground about 10 cm in diameter.

3. Drill perpendicular to the ground surface and the clockwise and put pressure.

4. If eyes filled with soil drill, then on drag it to rotate clockwise.

5. Clean the drill bit using wood, bamboo, and the blade by pressing the sides of the drill.

6. Repeat up to 2-4 times. (Depth 100 cm)

7. Fill the hole with organic wastes.

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