Danger of Chlorine in drinking water

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Many of us use tap water. To destroy all ills brought by microorganisms is the use of chlorine in tap water. Actually it is very effective in killing germs, but behind it the danger of chlorine in drinking water also remains.

Chance for people who drinking water containing chlorine cause bladder cancer and rectal cancer or cancer of the colon. As for the pregnant woman will result in deformed babies, and abnormalities of the brain or nerves in the spinal cord, and so on.

Where did the origin of chlorine?

Danger of chlorine in drinking water. Tap water from drinking water source area companies using surface water in the stout contain microorganisms harmful to health. Excessive chlorine mixture can seep into the body and harmful to health.

When you clean the septic tank using chlorine, the water will also contaminate the soil to contaminate clean water more commonly used.

How can chlorine enters the body?

The main way chlorine enters the body is through water that we drink every time. Chlorine can also get in through the air, when we bathe with warm water using a shower, the steam generated will be absorbed into the body.

How to reduce chlorine levels?

By using activated carbon as the water filters can reduce the levels of chlorine in the water. Of charcoal water filters can also reduce the taste and unpleasant smell.

How to prevent the chlorine enters the body

Use water economically. Use of water for daily needs with cold water. And when you open the window so that the steam bath containing chlorine can get out. Meanwhile, to overcome the dangers of chlorine in drinking water is drained the tub every time.

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