Ground water by industry should be limited

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Ground water by industry should be limited. We must not exploit the shallow ground water for industrial and factory. Moreover, the industry is associated with clean water and drinking water companies. This will make the ground water at the surface is damaged by too much sucked.

A healthy soil can you promote by planting a thousand trees. With such a soil can hold water with ease. So when the dry season or drought the land still has potential for giving out water for daily life.

To that end the need for restrictions on ground water for water supply which still have enough for day-to-day. Do not let the water go way down and reduce the supply of clean water. Rainfall is high and the trees that much effect on good ground water potential.

The quantity of water also depends on the rain cycle. So that the water remains there as a backup. While the quality of water depends on the condition that skipped rocks. This is because the rock is a filter for the water itself.

Negative impact of soil water uptake by the industry should be limited in order to control and does not degrade the soil surface. This is because the soil's ability to have clean water reserves. Especially the depth of 30 m which takes hundreds of years.

If ground water by industries should be limited so as not danger ground water. Because the surface of the ground water can cause landslides and flooding surface. Utilization of ground water in the water company is different to that of the household. This is caused by ground water that does not touch directly on the human needs of greater utilization of shallow ground water.

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