Ground Water is Contaminated

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Contamination in ground water has become a common problem. We've heard it everywhere. Ground water contamination is most often caused by the wastes that flow into a clean source of ground water, causing ground water contamination.

There are so many indicators that lead to ground water contamination. For example, the wastes are carelessly discarded into rivers, ditches, trenches, and others. It can contaminate ground water and reduce the supply of clean water that is polluted as a result.

We can recognize physically contaminated ground water. So as to get good soil and water quality is to make a well with a certain depth. Wells that have a low height can be filled with the upper surface of the ground water is much polluted.

Source of pollution is divided into two natural sources of pollution and artificial sources of pollution. Examples of sources of pollution are natural minerals and microorganisms whereas artificial sources of pollution are examples of hazardous chemical discharges from factories and industry.

Decent clean water consumption should meet existing clean water standards that is tasteless, odorless, clear and not colored alias. To know the signs of contaminated ground water, among others:

1. Water color yellow

If groundwater is yellow then the water contaminated by chromium and organic matter. Whereas if it is yellowish red colored water contaminated by iron and if the brownish red color means polluted by mud.

2. Cloudy

If turbid water means the water has been contaminated colloids. Which can cause cloudy water is plankton and other particles.

3. Mineral pollutants

Pollutants affect the taste of minerals in the groundwater. If the water tastes bitter then contaminated by iron, aluminum, manganese, sulfate, or lime.

4. Soapy water on groundwater

If your soil water taste soapy water then sign your water is contaminated by alkali contamination. It is derived from sodium bicarbonate and washing materials such as other detergents.

5. Brackish taste

If you feel such a sense of brackish ground water is ground water containing high salt. It can be found in estuaries.

6. Smelling

If the ground water contamination then the water was smelling concentrated experiencing pollution. It can be concluded smell of water can be seen that water consumption is feasible or not.

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