Increase the value to be Activated Carbon Charcoal Shell

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Shell charcoal fuel normally used for grilling fish or other foods. But, behind the charcoal has an excess which is also beneficial. Charcoal can be used as a material that has economic value. The tool can be used as coconut shell activated carbon. How to make a coconut shell activated carbon is also very easy to do.

Activated carbon in here also serves as a filter in clarifying water, gas purification, beverage industry, pharmaceutical, catalyst, and other kinds of usage. Coconut shell activated carbon is also one that has good quality to be used as activated carbon. Shapes, sizes, up to the quality of the coconut shell can be made into activated carbon. Coconut shell activated carbon used as a form of half or a quarter the size of the shell.

If the shell is less good condition, then the coconut shell is not very suitable to be used as activated carbon. Can be seen in terms of quality would make a coconut shell activated carbon. Coconut chosen too old and black and hard. Shell is used as activated carbon is usually used as a copra shell. So that the coconut shell produced a 2 parts of a whole coconut. To make charcoal to activated carbon should have a clean shell and separated from fiber it.

There are several stages to make charcoal to activated carbon quality. The first stage is made with charcoal shell with a drum that has a lid. While the second stage is a milling process to produce coconut shell charcoal activated carbon and charcoal powder. Charcoal powder is processed into charcoal briquettes. Milling be moved at a simple machine-driven electric, diesel or gasoline. Quality of the shell and the combustion process is determining the outcome on activated carbon. Quality of regular coconut better quality than the coconut hybrid.

To obtain a good activated carbon is a combustion process in a way the drums were given four holes on the bottom. To be able to enter the combustion air, the drum must be held with the three pieces of brick. Combustion done with a layer of shell. Combustion can be done with paper and dried coconut leaves.

When the shell starts to burn the layer of bricks so that the drum is taken directly touching the ground and cover the hole. Then the drum lid tightly and make sure no air enters.

If air enters the shell charcoal for making activated carbon will turn into ashes. However, if the drum sealed properly then the resulting charcoal is charcoal instead. On the next day, the drum will cool off and then open the lid and lay the drum. Then unloading charcoal-looking black, shiny, intact, hard, and easy fractured. This indicates good quality charcoal.

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you’re already using charcoal as a purifier: it’s in most air and water filters. Even ordinary charcoal mops up impurities at an astonishing rate, carbon charcoal

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