Liquid waste handling industry by engineering algae pond

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Liquid waste handling industry by engineering algae ponds. Reduction of this waste can be used on large industrial, medium, and small. However, this technique has the facilities and high operating costs. However, this technique is intended as an alternative to liquid waste treatment technology and operation costs of facilities and adequate infrastructure.

Liquid waste handling industry with algae ponds technique is also called the lagoon. The technique makes use of photosynthetic algae plant with anaerobic process. This is the most simple and natural. This method is suitable for developing countries. Necessary biological and chemical oxygen can be reduced by 60% -80%.

The stuff about technique pond algae, namely:

1. Pool made ​​of cement or metal with a large capacity
2. Equipped control equipment
3. Set the conditions for growing algae
4. filter
5. sedimentation
6. denitrification
7. chlorination

The things above can be modified into a technology for the treatment of industrial liquid waste with algae ponds techniques. This technology is simple and has a cheap.Although like that, still need filters and water purifiers, the other to process them.

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