Milk processing industry waste water

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Dairy waste water treatment industry - In this process the waste water industry, this should do the processing of milk in combination with the physics, chemistry, and biology.

Physics processes, for example:

1. equalization
2. sedimentation
3. filtration
4. flotation and filtration.

Chemical processes, for example:

1. coagulation
2. flocculation.

Biological processes, for example:

1. Anaerobic process
2. Aeration activated sludge process

The stages for processing liquid waste milk industry, as follows:

1. Equalization process

This process is called homogenization process. This was interpreted as the beginning of a process that helps the process of anaerobic aeration. Equalization is not processed but rather how to increase the effectiveness to the next process.

The function of this equalization, namely:

1. Evenly divide the incoming supply charge to the process of treatment.

2. Variables and organic load must average in order to avoid shock loading on biological treatment processes.

3. pH also leveled so that the needs of the chemical can be diminished at the neutralization process.

4. Solids content should be leveled to minimize the need for chemicals during the process of coagulation and flocculation.

Stage 2: The process of aeration of anaerobic

This process aims to reduce the dissolved organic materials and organic compounds with the help of bacteria anaerob.

Stage 3: The process of aeration

This process aims to reduce materials and other organic compounds with oxygen must enter the basis.

Stage 4: The first sedimentation

This process serves to precipitate sludge generated in the process of aeration.

Stage 5: The process of coagulation - flocculation

This process serves to add a dose of coagulant and stirring to form a flock.

Stage 6: The process of sedimentation of both

This process aims to settle flock formed in the process of the fifth.

Stage 7: The process of flotation

This process aims for flotation process in increase removal rate of suspended particles.

Stage 8: The third sedimentation

Aiming a light precipitate particles.

Stage 9: The process of filtering sand

It aims to filter out fine particles.

Stage 10: The process of filtering with activated charcoal

It aims to absorb the remaining chemicals.

That's the stages of milk industry waste water treatment.

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