Neutralization of waste water treatment

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Liquid wastes that are toxic or bases that need to be neutralized before being discharged into the receiving body waste. The processing is can done chemical or biological. The waste water contains bacteria that can be harmful for life. This requires the neutralization process in waste water treatment that can be done before or after the equalization process.

To optimize the growth of microorganisms that exist on the biology of water, the pH should be maintained at 6.5 to 8.5 conditions. This is because most of the micro can still be active or even living on the pH. To overcome this problem is by neutralization of effluent treatment by flocculation and coagulation processes. This method is more effective and efficient if the pH is neutral.

As for materials processing waste water neutralization process. Here are the details.

On acid:

1. sulfuric acid
2. hydrochloric acid
3. carbon dioxide
4. sulfur dioxide
5. Nitricacid

On the tongue:

1. ammonia acid
2. soda Ash
3. Limestone

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