Sea Water Reverse Osmosis make it cheaper for Drinking Water

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Raw water has become polluted that need to treat water properly. Actually we can exploit the abundant sea water as clean water for us. We can treat seawater for water drink cheaply by using reverse osmosis.

Desalination technology is not just taking the opportunity to get a decent drink clean water with abundant sea water is limitless. However, process it correctly and effectively.

With a reverse osmosis sea water can be used as drinking water is cheap. Reverse osmosis can convert sea water into fresh water. You do this by filtering sea water through a semi permeable membrane to filter out the salt they contain.

Rainwater can also be accommodated for the utilization of clean water. Rainwater or waste to be used as clean water can reduce levels of salt are in brackish lakes. So that reverse osmosis can be easy to make drinking water because of low salt. It is also related to the age of desalination technology. To produce fresh water from sea water requires 4, 72 kw / hour / m 3.

In addition to the lack of clean water supply, according to Sandy, also encountered obstacles are too high prices. Production of clean water from the desalination process could compete with commercial-grade clean water. In fact, the industry clean water tariff  to different. Value of clean water production by desalination technology developed is now able to push the price up.

That makes reverse osmosis seawater into drinking water cheaply. Reverse osmosis can filter out the salt but can also filter out contaminants that exist. So that the water is also free of germs, bacteria, and diseases carried by water.

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