Sodis alternative water purifier

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Clean water is now hard to come by. And clean water is necessary to perform daily activities. Already lots of clean water are now contaminated by the waste industry, factories, and households. Water-contaminated water is threatening our health. If the water we drink is not in accordance with the standards of drinking water, you will probably be attacked by diseases, such as digestive disorders, nausea, until the cancer if the severity. Now there is an alternative for you by using sodis water purification alternative for you.

Most of the health problems are mostly associated with water. Diseases carried by bacteria and viruses that exist in the water due to water has been contaminated by other pollutants, such as chemical compounds are soluble in water and heavy metals are dangerous and toxic if consumed.

Lack of clean water supply is a major problem for society today. To get pure water, clean and secure. With this alternative water purifier sodis can be a solution for you to purify your water. The technology is driven by solar power is cheap and practical. This technology has also been socialized to people who need water purifier.

Alternative sodis water purification technology is practical and good for you. The method of water purification is also more efficient compared with chlorination and other methods which are usually found in many other households.

Method work on sodis alternative water purifier is very simple. Just fill the bottle with water that is not clean and dried in the sun. So that the heat and UV radiation can kill bacteria and viruses that exist. Solar water disinfection technology requires only a passive process that requires time in the process.

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