Terms of clean water quality

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Water is a very important requirement. This is because water is always used every day to do activities. Water also has a quality requirement in terms of consumption. terms of the quality of water has a physical condition, the terms chemical and microbiological requirements.

1. physical Conditions

Can we identify the physical requirement of the water itself. Physical requirement is achieved not only for health, but also for security and comfort and aesthetics for the community. For example the physical conditions in the water:

a. Clean water
b. Clear
c. Colorless
d. No precipitate
e. Tasteless
f. Odorless
g.Cool temperatures (10 ° C-25 ° C

2. Terms of chemical

Terms of clean water quality can be seen in terms of the chemical. Polluted water certainly contains many chemicals, organic compounds, as well as disease-carrying bacteria and viruses. Thus endangering the health of living things and their surroundings. For that requirement as for the chemical in water:

a. No toxic

b. Does not contain excessive chemicals

c. Iodine sufficient

d. water pH 6.5-9.2

3. Terms of microbiology

Not contain bacteria and viruses that carry the disease and endanger the health of living beings in general. Content of excessive bacteria can cause digestive problems.

So we can conclude the terms of water quality must meet the physical, chemical, and microbiological.

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