Treatment of waste water in physics

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Paced era of sophisticated technology does not mean we are also very prosperous life. This is because the higher the level of technology, then we must also beware of waste generated technologies. Waste can come from households, factories, and industry. Things like that make our water polluted by wastes. Particularly waste water has the potential to pollute water which is the source of life. In treating waste water can be done in physics.

The following waste water treatment processes in physics.

1. Flotation process

Flotation is a process of separation or separate substances that are suspended by the harmful substances that can harm health if it gets consumed. This process is used to set aside materials, such as oils and fats. The trick with doing aerated at atmospheric pressure, flotation Dissolved water, and vacuum flotation.

2. Filtration process

Filtration is the process to filter out substances or of organic compounds, bacteria, viruses or germs contained and carried away by water. For that, you should use the appropriate filter to get clean water, healthy, and quality. You must already know the name of reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a filter that has modern technology and trusted by society to get the water quality. Filtration process carried out so as not to hinder the adsorption process which is the next stage.

 3. Adsorption process

Adsorption is the process of clotting substance that is dissolved in water, the surface of the substance causing the chemical and physical bonding of the absorption process. This process is usually by using activated carbon. You do this by separating aromatic compounds such as phenols and other organic compounds.

4. Process technologies (reverse osmosis)

This technology is made for those who have a small processing units. Choose the right technology to treat your water. Because water-quality sound to life.

That description of the physical treatment of waste water. Hope can be your solution.

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