Ground water is absorbed by plant roots

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Ground Water is absorbed by plant roots - After going through transpiration and metabolic activity of plant roots to replace lost ground water. During early summer the water will disappear and there is evaporation of 6 mm per day or the same as 75,000 liters per Ha. Plants use water as 300-500 kg of dry biomass. More water is needed on the ground that are less than the infertile and fertile. The roots of the plants serves to keep moisture in the soil layers. In this case whose role is to moisten the soil layers are mikoreza mycelia.

From the roots, spreading, and growth of trees controlled by the water supply. Relative humidity of a region can be seen in terms of temperature and soil, but only for a short time. Very high rainfall can fill the water surface layer of soil. Upper soil layers have good roots. So if there is drought, then it will not lose the vast water or drought.

The growth of plants that lack of water caused by photosynthesis, metabolism, nitrogen, absorbs salts, and so on. Controlling root absorption through transpiration indirectly in soil water content. So the water absorbs into high and collected throughout the night by the ground water absorbed by plant roots.
Water absorption is influenced by the potential or the power of water from soil to roots and root resistance to water movement. Governing the movement of water is dependent on soil texture and the power itself.

In general, roots of plants are on stratification so as to have a potential difference in the water. Ground water becomes limiting as the rate of transpiration and soil water potential is high.

On soil moisture influence on root elongation. In the summer of root growth to be slow.

Ground water is absorbed by plant roots would be affected if the water volume decreases. Resulting in gas exchange boundary.

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