Clean drinking water

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Clean water has now become scarce. This is because a lot of water has been contaminated by those who do not responsibly dispose of garbage or waste to any place. And clean water is something that we desperately need every day. For example, for bathing, washing clothes, and especially to drink. So we need to notice the water we drink. Make sure the water we drink is clean drinking water. For that you must pay attention to sanitation and care of your drinking water is also healthy.

As a result, if we do not drink the water clean and healthy, that is:

1. Diarrhea
2. Indigestion
3. Wormy

And many more other diseases that may arise as a result we do not drink water that is not healthy and clean.

In terms of water consumption should also be considered safe and clean. The terms of clean water in accordance with the standards, namely:

1. Net
2. Tasteless
3. Colorless
4. Odorless

Other than the above, the water also should not contain heavy metals or other contaminants that can damage the health of the body.

So that clean drinking water is very necessary for the health of the body so the body is not attacked by digestive diseases. Do you drink water that has been cooked it just may not be fully secure for us. Why? This is because boiling water can only kill the bacteria that is not there to remove contaminants such as heavy metals. Whereas heavy metals are also very dangerous to your health and can cause cancer if it is severe.

So as to eliminate the heavy metal content is required again a good water treatment so that we can ensure clean drinking water. For example, we can use reverse osmosis to filter your water from bacteria and heavy metals that harm us if it will drink it. Reverse osmosis is not economical, due to high operational. However, it all paid off with a very good processing in filtering water.

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