Conservation of water

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Before we discuss about the conservation of water we have to recognize a word in advance. Do you know what is meant by conservation and water. Conservation is the storage, backup, or placement. While water is a natural component which we desperately need to perform daily activities.

Conservation of water has two senses. The expression means in a broad sense and narrow sense. The following explanation of the broad sense and narrow sense of the conservation of water:

1. Broad terms: conservation of water is placing each field soil by proper usage. That is according to the ability of soil and treated according to the terms so that the soil does not become damaged.

2. Narrow sense: conservation of water is an ability to prevent soil damage caused by soil erosion also repair damage caused by erosion as well.

To conserve this water is to use rain water which falls to the ground for effective with agriculture, or can also regulate the flow of water to prevent flooding. So as to prevent soil damage and have adequate reserves of water in the dry season.

Conservation of water is also done to maintain and improve productivity on land and on water quality and quantity. If productivity in the water decreases, then the quality and quantity can be affected.

Water conservation is also closely related to soil conservation. But, here I am sorry not about land conservation. Maybe next time I'll discuss in my article.

That is about the conservation of water. May be useful and make you become more knowledgeable after reading this article.

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