Diagram of the water cycle

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Before discussing the details and the details about the water cycle, I first explain what is meant by the water cycle is. The water cycle is a continuing cycle of water:

atmosphere -  earth - back into the atmosphere

in returning to the atmosphere through several processes, namely:

a. condensation
b. precipitation
c. evaporation
d. transpiration

Water cycle can run smoothly depends on the warming of sea water by sunlight. The water will have evaporated and the fall of precipitation in the form of rain, snow, hail, sleet, drizzle, and fog.

Precipitation can head back to earth with evaporate up or straight down is intercepted by vegetation before reaching the ground. After reaching the ground and the water cycle continues moved at three different ways. Here I give a diagram of the water cycles for more details.

The first way in the water cycle are evaporation. Do you know the terms of the evaporation of this word. Evaporation is evaporation. Understanding more details Evaporation is the process by which larger molecules when exiting the surface than go back to the surface. This evaporation process is water in the sea, plains, rivers, and so will experience evaporation into the atmosphere and will be a cloud. If the cloud is experiencing saturation then the clouds will result in water spots which would fall to rain, snow, or ice.

The second way in the water cycle is the infiltration or percolation into the ground. In the meaning of infiltration or percolation means to smuggle, smuggling, screening, and others. The process is moving water infiltration into the soil through the pores of the soil and rocks to the surface of the ground water. This can occur due to water which act as capillary water can move vertically and horizontally beneath the soil surface until the water gets back into the water.

Last way on the water surface of the water cycle. In the main stream and lake water near the soil surface will move to the surface. Surface water runoff can be large if the land is sloping and the pores of the soil only slightly. In urban areas the surface water flow can be seen. Other rivers form the main river and bring the whole water surface to the sea.

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