Drilling a water well

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Drilling a water well, how do I do? Drilling of bore well water is done by combining round and also pressure on the drill bit used. In conventional drilling, the entire drill pipe will be played from the top surface. It is thus called a turntable. Playback on a turntable was carried out by diesel engines, either electrical or mechanical transmission.

By rotating, the drill will start digging the rocks. And also given the thrust of which is obtained from the weight of the drill pipe itself. If you do a water well drilling deeper and deeper then you also need a lot of drill pipe to be used which are connected one by one.

Drilling water well done, will do the drilling mud to be pumped through the drill pipe down towards the drill bit. So that the nozzles on the drill bit to remove the mud with a high speed to facilitate digging rocks. So that the mud which has risen to the surface again through the annulus. Annulus is a gap between the well bore and drill pipe which will carry the drill.

Drilling of this well water may also be effectively used as an alternative in obtaining clean water. If you're too lazy to perform maintenance such as using water filters that require maintenance too expensive, then this is perfect for you. If you do the drilling of water wells drilled to a depth of 12-40 m, then the water was still in the category of ugly and did not qualify clean water. So let's do a water well drilling.

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