Facts about water

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Water is something we always need and we use in everyday life. Our Earth is also composed of mostly water. In addition, the body also contains a lot of water mostly. So that we can know the facts of water.

If you still do not know the facts of the water, here I lay out the facts that water is abundant:

1.) Earth consists mainly of water. Water is more extensive than with the existing land.

2.) Did you know water molecules spend 98 years in seawater in the form of ice for 20 months and 2 weeks in a lake or river and less in a week in the atmosphere.

3.) Surface of the earth the water reached 80% and the remaining ground water or water vapor from the atmosphere.

4.) Total Earth's water has a volume of approximately 344 million cubic miles. 315 million cubic miles of seawater.

5.) 53 000 cubic kilometers of water passes through the planet's lakes and rivers.

6.) 4000 cubic kilometers of water atmospheric humidity.

7.) 3400 cubic kilometers of water locked up in the living body.

8.) Human brain also contained 75% water

And many more facts from the water we need to know. I recommend you should drink 7-8 glasses of water each day. This is so we can avoid digestive problems. Congratulations to find the facts from the other water.

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